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Modern OS for your creative service business.


Built for creatives by creatives

Automated Payments

Stop chasing after invoices and put the focus back on work.

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Creative Communication

Send requests, messages and deliverables with zero barriers.

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Onboard clients with pre-built services

Onboard directly from your page or personal site with pre-built services.

Connect with 1000+ tools using Zapier

Access thousands of other tools through a simple integration.

Meticulously manage client requests

Never worry about broken Figma files ever again.

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Built for teams of 1 to 1000

Puzzl is built for any size team. More importantly, we want to help you grow your business without ever needing to change your processes or platforms.

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Command at a keystroke

Run through your tasks at the speed of thought.

Move forward
‍with tasks

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Sub Issues

Split up larger tasks into smaller ones.

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Get an admin view into team member's progress with their tasks.

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Let clients send requests within projects that you can manage as tasks.

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Keep tasks and feeds private for speedy independent work.

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Communicate with team members within each individual task.

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Get a clear view into roadmaps, calendars, and schedules.

Build clarity
with chat

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Show live content

Live embeddable content makes work smoother and client experience 10x better.

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Context Switching

Turn messages into tasks with a single click.

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Stay Updated

Stay updated on slack, email, and puzzl.

Create Opportunity
with payments

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Automate Payments

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Productize Services

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Simplify Invoices

Features coming soon...

Instant Payouts
Banking Accounts (US only)
Payroll Software
Command K
Private Chat

Customer Testimonials

"Client experience in 2023 is gonna be even better :') shoutout @puzzl_app"


Founder, Designed By Shyne


— Freelance https://puzzl.app

Puzzl is easily the best freelance platform I've ever used, and my clients agree. Intuitive and affordable, it's my new no-brainer tool. It's still in private beta, so DM for an invite if you're interested!

Caleb Jolliffe

"+1 for @puzzl_app  has most of these features built natively and easily integrates with outside tools, love that it keeps all client communication in one place"

Will Gibson

"Puzzl has quickly become one of the most integral tools for our workflow. It has been a joy reducing our onboarding tools from 5-6 to 1, and now reducing our chat infrastructure tools from 5-6 to 1. Very excited to see how the product progresses given the speed of building"

Matthew Attalah

Director, Step Labs

"Very proud to hold this, and excited to start using @puzzlapp!"


Webflow Dev, Weare8020

"I use these daily for Invoices, client communication, portfolio, etc."

Jacob Olenick

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that we haven't answered?
You can contact us at:

Does Puzzl take a commission on my payments?

No, Puzzl takes no commission. We use Stripe to process payments. You will incur fees from stripe. Learn more about these fees here.

Is Puzzl secure?

Yes, Puzzl will never steal or share your data. If you have more questions, email us at hello@puzzlapps.com

Is Puzzl available in my country?

Since we currently rely on stripe for payments we can only support their countries. Here is the list: https://stripe.com/global

Do I have to use Puzzl payments?

Yes, to use Puzzl you must process payment through our platform.

Does my client have to use a Puzzl project portal?

No, your client doesn’t have to but we recommend they do. You can choose to use Puzzl internally and for payments between the client.

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