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Puzzl is the digital workspace to manage your freelance business. Sales, projects, communication, payments, accounting, and clients - all in one place.

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The most effective and efficient way to freelance.

Puzzl simplifies your sales funnel with an easy-to-use pipeline. Now you can focus on closing more clients not just managing leads.


One link for all your links - social media accounts, portfolio, affiliate links, and collect leads via your super link. Add your superlink to your social media bios to boost your leads and passive income.

Client Management

When a client submits a form, we automatically add them as a lead in our sales funnel and start a thread. Once you won a client, we automatically send contracts, payments, and streamline your onboarding.


Once you begin work, you can create a new project with a client. A simple to use kanban board allows you to keep track of each project. Within each project view. you can time your work and note the total time per project.


Create simple invoices in seconds. Set up payment schedules and amounts. Each deadline we send payment links or automatically charge cards on file.

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No-Code Forms

Get started with our embed tool. The fastest way to collect leads on your site.

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We have a small community ready for you to join. Meet fellow independents, share opportunities, and learn from each other.

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